Based on Godzilla: Domination! GBA and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Cyber Mixels Brawl is very first game of Cyber Mixels Brawl/Melee series.

List of Cybers Edit

Non-Unlockable Cybers:

Unlockable Cybers:

List of Arenas Edit

  • Mixel Land
  • Mountain City
  • Mixels City
  • Frozen Volcanoes
  • Outer Space
  • Frosticons Land
  • Spiky Desert
  • Mixels Hater Land (P1 only)

Trivia Edit

External Links Edit

play "Cyber Mixels Brawl" on Scratch


666 Nights at Twisted Mixels

666 Nights at Twisted Mixels / 666 Nights at Twisted Mixels 2 / 666 Nights at Twisted Mixels 3 / One Week at Twisted Mixels
Cyber Mixels Brawl/Melee
Cyber Mixels Brawl / Cyber Mixels Brawl: Destroy All Cyber Mixels / Cyber Mixels Brawl X / Cyber Mixels Brawl 3: Domination / Cyber Mixels Domination Double Smash / Cyber Mixels Melee / Cyber Mixels Melee 2: Ultimate Destruction / Cyber Mixels Brawl Vs Melee / Cyber Mixels Path of Destruction / Cyber Mixels Vs Cartoon Brawl Stars / Cyber Mixels Legends
Cyber Mixels Wars
Cyber Mixels Wars (game)

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