This is transcript for episode Double Crash

(Cuts to inside of Mixels Mall scene)

Luqman2: Man, this is look great.

Sonicfangames1235: Yeah, i know.

Luqman2: Let's go to comic store.

Sonicfangames1235: Ok.

(Luqman2 and Sonicfangames1235 goes to comic store)

Luqman2: Look, there it is. it's Nindjas comic book, let's take it and buy it.

Sonicfangames1235: Yeah.

(Luqman2 trieds to Nindjas comic book, but Ribbon grab it)

Luqman2: Hey, that's mine!

(Both mixels fight over comic book, they both fall backward, Luqman2 is holding comic book thought it's little ripped)

Luqman2: Ha! Take that! Huh?

(Ribbon gets up)

Ribbon: Hey, thats not yours. Thats mine.

Luqman2: Well, do you think we can fight cars?

Riddon: Um, i think so.

Luqman2: LET'S DO THIS!

(cuts to battle double crash grounds scene)

Luqman2: Are you ready, Ribbon?

Ribbon: Yeah, i'm ready.

Kelpsea: what about me?

Cling: I want to be in this.

Klamper: Well, can we be in this, Luqman2?

Luqman2: Fine...

(after Kelpsea, Cling, and Klamper being in)

Luqman2: Are you ready?!

Kelpsea: Yes!

Cling: I'm ready.

Klamper: Yeah.

Luqman2: Good, now let's fight!

(Luqman2 and Sonicfangames1235 fights bummer cars against Ribbon, Kelpsea, Cling, and Klamper)

4 minutes later...

Luqman2: Now, prepare to lunch off to you!

Ribbon: NO!

(Luqman2 press misslie button, but it backfires and explode and Luqman2 turns into burnt)

Ribbon: HA! we win!

Luqman2: Well, we lost...

Sonicfangames1235: Me too...

Cling: We did so much...

Klamper: Yeah.. i got my bummer car destroyed...

Kelpsea: Me too...

Sweetie: Who wants ice cream?

Luqman2: Me...


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