LTG2003 Cartoon Drawsmo
Debut The Twisted Effect
Latest Appearance The Twisted Effect
Tribe Drawlings
Position Member
Gender Female
Owned by Red
Quote I think Luqman2 and Lqman4421 did this.

Drawsmo is Drawlings mixel.

Description Edit

She looks like Seismo but diffrent shes an artist mostly she draws  everything she wanted like colors,creations,and the whole entire drawings and likes her friends,when  a nixels shows up her drawings tries to mess up shes gets angry to smack nixels hard and her new friends with seismo.

Her LEGO set is 41 pieces.

LEGO The Mixels Show Drawsmo Package Bag

LEGO version of Drawsmo

LEGO The Mixels Show - Drawsmo

Beta version of Drawsmo

Season 1
Robloxian Friendy: Luqman2 / Lqman4421 / Nikkiperson2
Drawlings: Izaylin / Catherine / Drawsmo
Alloynian: Cling / Saharat / Klamper

Aqualinas: Aquana / Marine / Kelpsea
The Fighters: Tobus / Madin / Sando
Charmaniacs: Sakura / Ribbon / Sweetie
Season 2
Sonic Gamer's: Sonicfangames1235 / Tailsfangames1235 / Knucklesfangames1235
Eyemo / Dori Bee / Galaxo
Lathy / Catria / Krohootus
Lovely / Ninh / Drazor
'Summer / Kinetica / Kazooka
Altair / Luqgirl2 / Edd Gould
Other Mixels
Steve Dopes / MixPhone7 / NixDroid Nano

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