Debut  ?
Latest Appearance  ?
Tribe Drawlings
Position Member
Gender Female
Color Red
Special features  ?
Likes  ?
Dislikes Nixels
Quote  ?

Drawsmo is Drawlings mixel.

Description Edit

She looks like Seismo but diffrent shes an artist mostly she draws  everything she wanted like colors,creations,and the whole entire drawings and likes her friends,when  a nixels shows up her drawings tries to mess up shes gets angry to smack nixels hard and her new friends with seismo.

Season 1
Robloxian Friendy: Luqman2 / Lqman4421 / Nikkiperson2
Drawlings: Izaylin / Catherine / Drawsmo
Alloynian: Cling / Saharat / Klamper

Aqualinas: Aquana / Marine / Kelpsea
The Fighters: Tobus / Madin / Sando
Charmaniacs: Sakura / Ribbon / Sweetie

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