41500 Flain b-1-
Debut N/A
Latest Appearance N/A
Tribe Infernites
Position Leader
Gender Male
Color Red
Special features head flames, beak, sharp toes, grey collar, prongs
Likes Cookironis, Rockball/Mixelball, Lava hot tubs and slides, Hamlogna sandwiches, Snowboarding.
Dislikes Nixels, Log Toss, Magnifo's cheesy acts, Being frozen
Quote "Oh, schnixel!"


Flain's body is mostly red. He has a rounded head with an eye on each side. Most of the time, his eyes are half-closed. On top of his head are three prongs, the outer two dark red with the middle prong being red with a darker red rectangle on the top of it. Most of the time, this houses a yellow-orange fire that is constantly burning. He also has a beak. He has a body that widens at the end with a light grey collar-like piece at his neck. He has two slender arms with pincer hands. On his wrists are dark red triangle-like covers that taper down. He has grey legs with red feet that have two white claws on each.


Flain is smart, brave, and relaxed. He often acts like a typical teenager and talks like a surfer, always saying things such as "dude", "man", "rad", and "awesome". Since his brain includes so much information, he can get a bit crazy when he's under pressure. Although, he can get ticked very easily. Nonetheless, he is very sociable and would do anything for his friends and loved ones.


Whenever angry, overwhelmed, or thinking too hard, his flaming head blasts powerful fire. His eyes can also catch on fire without being incinerated.


200px-Flain Smirk-1-

Flain burnt


Flain (with Helmet)

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