Transcript Edit

Mixphone7: my plan failed to work, but i still have backup, and i will, DESTROY THE MIXELS-

(doorbell is heard)

MixPhone7: huh?

(shuttle door opens)

Steve Dopes: special delivery!

MixPhone7: what the?

(box opens itself & MixPhone8 springs out)

MixPhone8: greetings predecessor, i am MixPhone8.

(MixPhone7S comes into the scene)

MixPhone7S: alright, how is my brother doing- & WHO IS THAT!?

MixPhone7: 7S, meet 8, 8, meet 7S.

(MixPhone 6 & 6S bend they're bodies while flying around the lair, messing up 7S's Language Settings)

MixPhone7S: あなたの子供が何をやったのお支払い! (You kids will pay for this!)

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