Mixels Halloween Special 2014 is second episode of The Mixels Show Season 1. It featured Luqman2SaharatIzaylin, and Aquana trying to escape a Damian.

Characters Edit

  • Luqman2
  • Saharat
  • Izaylin
  • Aquana
  • Damian


The episode starts off with Luqman2 looking around and getting hit by a jack-o-lantern. Luqman2 tries to get the pumpkin off but it was stuck to his head. While Luqman2 wanders around blinded by the pumpkin, Aquana sees him and hits Luqman2 in the head with a sledgehammer, making his head explode into pieces and decapititating him.

It continues with Luqman2 and the gang at Luqman2 House. Izaylin is reading a newspaper, Luqman2 and Aquana are playing Family Duels, and Saharat is watching them. Luqman2 hurls an insult to Damian he just blasted in the video game. Suddenly, Damian blasts his way into the house through the wall. He roars at them, causing everyone to scream for ten seconds. Everyone then runs away into the next room while the monster throws two axes that misses them.

While hiding behind a wall, Luqman2 looks over the doorway. Aquana asks him if the coast is clear Luqman2 replies "Nope" and it's revealed that the top part of his head is sliced off. He falls to the ground with his brain flying off his head. Damian catches up to them and makes a hole in the wall. Everyone runs and hides. They manage to fool Damian. Saharat hides behind some curtains and Izaylin wears a lamp shade on his head. Damian stops at Aquana who is holding up a picture frame and smiling, unaware that the real Aquana was sneaking away from her.

Aquana meets up with Izaylin. Izaylin reassures her that they lost him when a sword stabs her in the back. Izaylin questions "Since when did Damian carry around swords?" Damian drags the sword out of Izaylin, causing a spurt of blood to splash all over Aquana. The chase ensues when Aquana and Saharat run down the hallway. Saharat runs into a closet with Aquana following him. Aquana then pushes Saharat out of the closet and locks the door, causing Saharat to bang on the door in panic to get in. Damian catches up to Saharat. Saharat kicks Damian in the balls and slowly backs away. Unfortunately, he backs into the basement stairs and falls down. Damian kicks the door of the closet down. He approaches Aquana, taking the cap off the bottom of the axe, revealing a stake. He stabs and kills Aquana while she screams in terror.

After killing everyone, Damian cleans the blood off his axe while whistling. Luqman2's ghost taps his shoulder and pulls his face and releases it, knocking him out. Izaylin and Aquana's ghost float over to Luqman2 as he wonders where Saharat went. Saharat comes up from the stairs, injured and bloody. He notices everyone's ghost and dies of a heart attack. The scene changes to Luqman2, Saharat, Izaylin, and Aquana carrying Damian over the city. They throw him off a cliff where his head gets impaled by a spiky rock. Damian's giant red ghost then rises up to get revenge on them. Suddenly, a ghost trap is put underneath them and everyone gets sucked in. The ghostbusters are then seen along with Flain.


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