Debut The Twisted Effect
Latest Appearance TBA
Tribe Sonic Gamer's
Position Leader

Main character

Gender Male
Color White Human Skin
Special features Circle Head
Likes Marine (Girlfriend) Movie-Present (Crush) In Marine vs Izaylin until The Mixels Show:The Movie

Mixels Pizza Luqman2 Marco Friends Mixels Fans LegendaryWolf71 Haters Mixing with other mixel Sonic.exe (Sometimes)

Dislikes Izaylin Haters

Scary Stuff Aquana Haters His Haters Luqman2 Haters LegendaryWolf71 Being killed by Murder Mario.exe Sonic.exe (sometimes) Plane being crashed Being kicked out of my house Nixels Murping with other mixel

Quote TBA

Sonicfangames1235 is a Sonic Gamer mixel! He is 13 years old.

Description Edit

Leader of Sonic Gamers ,Is a cool mixel

Like all the time he plays on the computer and eats pizza,playing his favorite games GTA 5,Call of Duty,Halo 4,Sonic,Portal and Half Life 2 and sometimes he hangs out with Robloxian Friendy and makes his character come to life,he also likes Scratch,Goanimate,Five Nights at Freddys,Bob's Burger's and more.

Gallery Edit

TBA Edit

Relationship's Edit


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