LTG2003 Cartoon Sweetie
Debut Double Crash
Latest Appearance Double Crash
Tribe Charmaniacs
Position Member
Gender Female
Owned by PogorikiFan10
Quote Who wants ice cream?

Sweetie is a Charmaniacs mixel.

She is BOY-CRAZY! She wants all the boys to think she's cute and will throw a temper tantrum if they don't.

Catchphrases: "I'm cute!" "I'm cuter than Scorpi!" "PINCH MY CHEEKS!"

Her LEGO set is 76 pieces.

LEGO The Mixels Show Sweetie Package Bag

LEGO version of Sweetie

LEGO The Mixels Show - Sweetie

Beta version of LEGO Sweetie


  • She thinks she's cuter than Scorpi, but its unknown who is cuter

Season 1
Robloxian Friendy: Luqman2 / Lqman4421 / Nikkiperson2
Drawlings: Izaylin / Catherine / Drawsmo
Alloynian: Cling / Saharat / Klamper

Aqualinas: Aquana / Marine / Kelpsea
The Fighters: Tobus / Madin / Sando
Charmaniacs: Sakura / Ribbon / Sweetie
Season 2
Sonic Gamer's: Sonicfangames1235 / Tailsfangames1235 / Knucklesfangames1235
Eyemo / Dori Bee / Galaxo
Lathy / Catria / Krohootus
Lovely / Ninh / Drazor
'Summer / Kinetica / Kazooka
Altair / Luqgirl2 / Edd Gould
Other Mixels
Steve Dopes / MixPhone7 / NixDroid Nano

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