Debut  ?
Latest Appearance  ?
Tribe Charmaniacs
Position Member
Gender Female
Color Pink
Special features little hairs
Likes Acting cute, having her cheeks pinched, boys
Dislikes Nixels, when boys don't call her cute
Quote "I'M CUTE!"

Sweetie is a Charmaniacs mixel.

She is BOY-CRAZY! She wants all the boys to think she's cute and will throw a temper tantrum if they don't.

Catchphrases: "I'm cute!" "I'm cuter than Scorpi!" "PINCH MY CHEEKS!"


  • She thinks she's cuter than Scorpi, but its unknown who is cuter
Season 1
Robloxian Friendy: Luqman2 / Lqman4421 / Nikkiperson2
Drawlings: Izaylin / Catherine / Drawsmo
Alloynian: Cling / Saharat / Klamper

Aqualinas: Aquana / Marine / Kelpsea
The Fighters: Tobus / Madin / Sando
Charmaniacs: Sakura / Ribbon / Sweetie

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