This is transcript for episode The Twisted Effect (episode)

(Starts episode with Luqman2 House scene)

Luqman2: Wow, i'm really bored...

Lqman2241: Me too.

Narrator (in TV): Hey, wanna get your own phone?

Luqman2 and Lqman4421: Yes...

Narrator (in TV): Well, introducing, MixPhone7!

Luqman2: Wow!

Narrator (in TV): Only $2.00.

(Luqman2 and Lqman4421 dashs and run away from Luqman2 house)

(Luqman2 and Lqman4421 goes to Mixels Mall, and both of them going to Mixphone store)

Luqman2: Hello, i would like to buy MixPhone7 please.

Casher: Sure, that will be $2.00 dollars.

Luqman2: *gives $2.00 dollars to Cashers* Here we go.

Casher: Here it go. *gives MixPhone7 to Luqman2 and then Luqman2 and Lqman2241 leaves Mixphone store* Thanks for coming.

Luqman2: I love that phone. *use MixPhone7*

Lqman2241: Wow, this is cool. Can i use MixPhone7.

Luqman2: Yes. *gives his MixPhone7 to Lqman4421*

Lqman2241: *uses Luqman2 MixPhone7*

Luqman2: Well...

Sonicfangames1235: Hey Luqman2.

Luqman2: Hi.

Sonicfangames1235: How are doing?

Luqman2: Good.

Sonicfangames1235: Great! Let's hang out with friends.

Luqman2: Great idea

Lqman4421: Yeah.

Tailsfangames1235: Well, let's go.

Knucklesfangames1235: We will.

(Luqman2, Lqman4421, Sonicfangames1235, Tailsfangames1235 and Knucklesfangames1235 going to hangout)

NixDroid Nanos: Heheheheheh...

(cuts to NixDroid Nanos was in Evil Lair)

NixDroid Nanos: Nix! I found twisted machine! Now let's press it! *NixDroid Nanos pressed button*

(All mixel has been turned into Twisted Mixels expect Luqman2 and Lqman2241)

Luqman2: Uh oh...

Twisted Sonicfangames1235: We have been expecting you.


(Luqman2 and Lqman4421 screaming and run away from Twisted Mixels)

Lqman4421: Twisted Mixels are here...

Luqman2: I know, but let's destroy that machine and save their nation.

Luqman4421: Yeah...

(cuts to inside of evil lair)

Luqman2: *kicks door* STOP! WE HERE TO DESTROY A MACHINE!

NixDroid Nano: Well, i attack you! ATTACK!!!

(Luqman2 punchs NixDroid Nano)

Luqman2: LQMAN4421, QUICK!

Lqman2241: I'm on it! *press destory button*

(Machine being destoryed, and then All mixels has turned back into normal)

Sonicfangames1235: We did, we turned back into normal...

Nikkiperson2: We are better now.

Drawsmo: I think Luqman2 and Lqman4421 did this.

Luqman2: We.. DID IT!

Lqman4421: YAHOO!

(Cuts to TV with screen in Screeno on Mix TV)

Screeno: Great news, Their nation has been saved! Thanks to Luqman2 and Lqman4421, Lqman4421 has destroyed Machine. and then All mixels has been turned back into normal, and Luqman2 and Lqman4421 saved the day. This is Mix TV, signing off.

(Luqman2 off his TV, and Cuts to Luqman2 House living room)

Luqman2: Well, i guess we saved the day but, at least it's finally over, Yep.

(cuts to Mixels Mall where Madin and Sando)

Madin: I would like to buy MixPhone7 please.

Casher: Here we go, that will be $2.00.

Madin: Here. *gives $2.00 to casher* keep the change.

Casher: Thank you. (Madin and Sando leaves from MixPhone7 store) Thanks for coming.

Madin: This is so awesome.

Sando: Yeah.

(cuts to Mixels Mall outside)

NixDroid Nano: We'll be revenge with my super power machine...